Here is the reason why I have started this travel blog.

I have always cultivated a passion for writing. 

Since I was a child, I used to keep travel diaries during family trips.

At that time, it was a pastime like any other. But over the years, writing has become an important means of venting and ordering my thoughts.

Writing clears your mind. Some people use it to let off steam.

Others to develop concepts and ideas.

In any case, write what goes through our brain is a powerful weapon to balance your soul.

In my case, I continued writing in private mode and not particularly assiduously on social media. Then one day, I thought it would be helpful for me to reorder my past stories and future aspirations in a personal diary. 

So I said to myself: “why not start a blog ?!”

I didn’t want to do the classic travel blog. Also because I believe it is only one of the components of my life. Instead, it would have been a more personal and inspirational experience. Tell my story by travelling between different past and future adventures. 

Thus was born @wordintravel

I’ll be sharing more articles about my past travel stories soon!

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