Getting around Mexico may not be so obvious.
Public transport conditions could sometimes be considered “a bit extreme”; and private transport, if used daily, can become too expensive.
In this article, let’s analyze some of the most common transport’s methods and when to opt for one solution rather than another.

When I first arrived in Mexico, I landed at Cancun airport. Once getting there, I was so in rush that I did not have the time to check my transportation to the hotel and I just grabbed a cab.
It was the most expensive cab ever taken in Mexico.

In fact, from Cancun Airport to the Cancun Hotel area (by the coast), it is almost a 30 min ride. I paid around 600 pesos. 👀

My fault, unfortunately rushing and tiredness are not a good mix for making good decisions. 😑

From that moment on, I realized that the taxi service at the airport was the worst choice I could make. I am quite sure I did not take again any private transport throughout all my stay in Cancun.

Let’s talk about prices. A standard Taxi rate in Cancun between the hotel zone and downtown should be between 60 – 90 pesos. While rates are more affordable to travel around downtown, they can be higher in the hotel zone.

I suggest you to use this website to calculate the taxi rate in Cancun.

Of course, not all taxi fares have Cancun prices and these can vary greatly from region to region.

Taxi – So, how much is the taxi fare in Mexico?

Price can vary depending on the route, plus the time and taxi fare applicable in the city. For example standard fee in Mexico city is around $50.00 pesos, while x kilometer price is $20.00. For waiting time, $400.00pesos is charged per hour.

Starting price for a cab in Cancun is 55 pesos while in Guadalajara is around 30 and in Tijuana 25.

So, as you can see, taxi fares can vary widely depending on the region.

I suggest you to use this website to calculate the taxi rate in Cancun.


Colectivo is how the shared van transportation it’s called. This is a standard way of transport throughout all Mexico. Standard rates are between $ 5.50 and $ 6.50 pesos for every 5 Km. They connect all urban areas and major pueblos. It is possible to wait for them at the side of the road and they make continuous stops. Sometimes they can be very full with people even standing or sitting in the aisle between the seats.

Bus – ADO:

The bus network in Mexico is the ADO, prices and routes can be checked on their online website.
Tickets can be purchased online (paying via card, Paypal) or directly at the terminal. A ticket from CDMX to Puerto Escondido (12 hours journey) can cost approximately 1500 pesos.

PS: I always recommend buying your ticket in advance and not bringing more than two suitcases per person. To avoid “strange” situations. We saw people who were sold a bus ticket even though it was already full. Or our bus so full that they had to put their suitcases in the bathroom … 😂


Mexico is perfectly connected by air. Almost all cities have an airport with domestic departures. Moreover, there are more than 100 international airports in the country.

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Rent a Car:

Renting a car can be a convenient way to travel around Mexico. Especially if you are with a group of friends, renting a car can sometimes be better than traveling by bus. Car rental in Mexico can cost from USD 6 / day. There are many places where you can rent a car in every town / city.

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