The so-called city of Eternal Spring is considered one of the central hub spots by Nomads Gurus.

Medellín has been considered one of the top cities in Latin America to work and live as a Digital Nomad.

See this source: Nomad List 

Plenty are the reasons for that; In particular, this chart considers aspects like Cost Of Life, Attractively of the City, Expacts Community, Wi-Fi Connections and more.

The city that was once known for the criminal fame of Pablo Escobar (one of the greatest drug traffickers in history) today seems to have left the past behind, experiencing a new rebirth.

It is no coincidence that Medellín today boasts a constantly growing “nomadic” tourism.

Oh yes, more and more remote workers decide to move here to work from their laptops, often in one of the well-known coworking in the city.

Personally, I often find myself working from one of these “shared offices”; so today I thought I’d recommend some, in case you come to town and look for a place to work.

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Let’s start with the list:

One of my favourite spots. They currently have two locations, one in Laureles and one in Poblado. Both are fantastic and keep the spirit as per their website manifesto: “Develop a concept to be happy while work.”

The prices are really affordable, around 29k COP for the working day, around $8, included in the price: free coffee, water and tea. 

La casa Redonda
Source: https://www.instagram.com/circularcoworking/ 

If you are a Digital Nomad and have lived in Laureles I would certainly have visited it at least once. Certainly one of the best organized and largest coworking in the neighbourhood. Also, great for those who just want to have a coffee without having to rent a desk. In fact, on the lower floor, they offer Bar service from 8 am to 8 pm.
While on the upper floor there is the coworking space. Prices for one day individual desk starts from: 33 K COP, Week: 155 K COP, Month: 500 K COP.
Check it here.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/semillacafecoworking/

Located on a stunning 15th floor of a business building in Milla De Oro (El Poblado), Tinkko offers a kind of unique coworking experience. Here the cost for the space is paid per hour and although prices are more expensive than others in this list the work environment is worth it.
The 24 Hours Pass is around 200COP, roughly $70.
Ask for an hourly quote here.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/tinkkocoworking/

Yes, the most-known coworking chain of the world is also here in Medellín, and it wouldn’t be fair not to add them to this list. WeWork offers, as always, a high-quality space with so many features including free coffee, tea, water and beer; a pool table and a massive terrace where to enjoy an after-work drink.

In Medellin, the American Company has three spots: 

  • Carrera 42 #5 Sur-145
  • Km 5 Av. Las Palmas
  • Calle 7D # 43A-40

Prices start at 650k per month (around $170). 

Request a quote here

Are you still undecided whether to visit Medellín?

I hope this guide to the best co-working in the city will convince you that it is certainly one of the cities with the best work-life balance in South America.

If you want to know more about the city, read This Article.

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