I share with you some stories from the period in which I lived in the Catalan capital.

I spent almost three years living in Barcelona, from 2016 to 2019, and it’s definitely one of my favourite cities in Europe. Why? Well, there aren’t many cities with such a unique atmosphere, situated by the sea and blessed with pleasant weather all year round.

I have so many wonderful memories from my time there. Barcelona was the city where I first experienced remote work and where I truly felt at home while being away from home.

I moved to Barcelona after my time in Las Palmas during my Erasmus program, so I already had a good grasp of the language. A friend of my girlfriend at the time, who was living there, recommended the city to us. So, we decided to go in search of jobs and a new beginning.

Right from the start, the city was incredibly vibrant. There were numerous events happening all the time, people enjoying tapas outdoors on the streets of “La Rambla,” and tourists flocking to Barceloneta Street along the waterfront. It was just amazing!

During my time in Barcelona, I lived in different neighbourhoods, from the Gothic Quarter to Sant Antoni, Raval, and finally La Barceloneta. The city offers a variety of environments, catering to different tastes and lifestyles. For me, living by the sea in a bustling city like Barcelona was fantastic!

Below I will share some information compiled over the years. You can find some of my top suggestions regarding things to do, restaurants, places to visit and nightlife.

Let’s start!


Best Restaurants in Barcelona.

  1. La Paradeta
    • Cuisine: Fish
    • Highlights: You can choose the fresh fish from the counter, select it and opt for the type of cooking. Great quality and reduced price.  
  2. Disfrutar
    • Cuisine: Contemporary Mediterranean
    • Highlights: Innovative dishes, Michelin-starred, run by former El Bulli chefs.
  3. Cinc Sentits
    • Cuisine: Catalan Fine Dining
    • Highlights: Seasonal tasting menus, Michelin-starred, focus on local ingredients.
  4. Can Culleretes
    • Cuisine: Traditional Catalan
    • Highlights: Oldest restaurant in Barcelona, traditional Catalan dishes.
  5. Quimet & Quimet
    • Cuisine: Tapas
    • Highlights: Famous for montaditos (small sandwiches) and tapas, extensive wine selection.

Things to Do in Barcelona.

What to do in Barcelona? Here some tips!

Visit Barcelona
  1. La Sagrada Família
    • Description: Antoni Gaudí’s unfinished basilica, a masterpiece of modernist architecture.
    • Highlights: Stunning facades, intricate interiors, panoramic views from the towers.
  2. Park Güell
    • Description: Public park designed by Antoni Gaudí, famous for its colorful mosaics.
    • Highlights: Unique architecture, vibrant mosaics, sweeping views of Barcelona.
  3. Casa Batlló
    • Description: Gaudí-designed building on Passeig de Gràcia.
    • Highlights: Whimsical facade, stunning interiors, rooftop with dragon-like design.
  4. Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic)
    • Description: Historic neighborhood with narrow medieval streets.
    • Highlights: Gothic Cathedral, ancient Roman walls, lively plazas.
  5. Camp Nou
    • Description: Stadium of FC Barcelona.
    • Highlights: Stadium tour, FC Barcelona museum, watching a live football match.

Places to Visit in Barcelona.

Here a short list of places to visit.

  1. Montjuïc
    • Description: Hill with several attractions and panoramic views of the city.
    • Highlights: Montjuïc Castle, Magic Fountain show, Joan Miró Foundation, Olympic facilities.
  2. La Rambla
    • Description: Famous tree-lined street in central Barcelona.
    • Highlights: Street performers, markets (like La Boqueria), historic buildings.
  3. Barceloneta Beach
    • Description: Popular urban beach close to the city center.
    • Highlights: Sandy beach, numerous beachfront bars and restaurants, water sports.
  4. Poble Espanyol
    • Description: Architectural museum replicating different Spanish villages.
    • Highlights: Craft workshops, traditional Spanish cuisine, cultural events.
  5. Palau de la Música Catalana
    • Description: Concert hall designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner.
    • Highlights: Stunning modernist architecture, ornate interiors, live performances.
Living in Barcelona

Best Underground Nightclubs in Barcelona.

  1. Les Enfants Brillants. Impressive club for the quality of the events/lineups, for the environment and sound system. Personally my top choice in the city.
  2. Razzmatazz
    • Description: Iconic club with five different spaces, each offering distinct music styles.
    • Highlights: Hosts international DJs, live bands, and themed parties. Known for its industrial vibe.
  3. Sala Apolo
    • Description: Historic venue with a rich musical history, split into two main areas.
    • Highlights: Hosts indie, electronic, and hip-hop nights. Popular events include Nitsa Club and Caníbal Sound System.
  4. Macarena Club
    • Description: Intimate and legendary underground techno club.
    • Highlights: Close-knit atmosphere with a high-quality sound system. Features local and international DJs.
  5. Moog
    • Description: Renowned for its dedication to techno and electronic music.
    • Highlights: Daily events with top-notch DJs, small but intense dance floor, excellent sound.
  6. Input High Fidelity Club
    • Description: Located at Poble Espanyol, this club is known for its top-tier electronic music events.
    • Highlights: State-of-the-art sound system, visual effects, and a lineup featuring prominent techno and house DJs.
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Best Underground Events in Barcelona.

Are you a night-out lover? Read my suggestions!

  1. Brunch -In the Park
    • Description: Outdoor electronic music festival held during the summer.
    • Highlights: Daytime party with a family-friendly vibe, top international DJs, food trucks, and activities.
  2. Off Week Festival
    • Description: Parallel event to the Sonar Festival, held in various venues around the city.
    • Highlights: Features some of the best electronic music artists and labels, with numerous parties and showcases.
  3. Piknic Electronik
    • Description: Sunday electronic music event held in a park setting.
    • Highlights: Relaxed, family-friendly environment with food stalls, workshops, and a stellar DJ lineup.
  4. Elrow
    • Description: Famous for its wild and colorful themed parties.
    • Highlights: Immersive decorations, performers, confetti, and top-tier electronic music, creating a carnival-like atmosphere.
  5. Input Presents Series
    • Description: Regular event series hosted by Input High Fidelity Club.
    • Highlights: Showcases leading and emerging electronic artists, known for its high production values and sound quality.

I hope you have found some useful information in this article.

For me, Barcelona undoubtedly remains one of my most loved cities. I left numerous friends there. I’m always happy to come back whenever I can. If you have never had the chance I recommend you organize a visit as soon as possible!

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