I spent two and a half years in the British Capital and most of the time awake on weekends celebrating in one of the many underground parties hosted in the city.
Here are my top recommendations for the most quality underground events and collective to follow in the city.

goosebumps london

This collective delivered high-quality parties for many years. Now is probably one of the best events providing Romanian-Minimal sound in the city.

Their locations are always specials. I remember experiencing many parties in forests on the east side of the city.


A good friend of mine from Italy started this movement in 2018. In the beginning, it was just a group of friends who shared the love for music. It soon becomes a strong reference for many people in the minimal music sub-culture within the UK capital.

Another music collective in the city, providing top-quality sound. They describe themselves as: “A dedicated free-spirited collective of individuals looking to create magical moments and inspire through music and passion”.

A minimal underground movement, that has been well established in the city for many years. They provide incredible parties and afters most of the time in warehouses or other unusual locations.

point london

A well known underground collective based in East London. Point organizes sensational events for all the music lovers in LDN.


A strong music community with years of experience throwing amazing parties with world-class international DJs.


Crowded is a new project born in London, created by a group of people who love clubs and good underground music. The party will spread new vibes around the most known clubs in the city that never sleeps. 

Is an independent record label focusing originally and primarily on Minimal
deeptech & Techno


The community was established in 2012, Keep on Going has inherited the notion of after from legendary parties in London with local Djs. The first one to spring in the East End, it is now the Sunday designated destination for music evolution. Imagine pioneering events in outdoor spaces and unknown, unusual venues, mix it a with generous dose of diverse music and add a touch of hedonism from the loyal crowd. Passion and the one of a kind friendly, laid back vibes are what make this party really stand out.
Keep on Going hosted his thing in various venues across London, including fabric, and internationally at Clud der Visionaere, The Chalet, Ganz Yachting Tiefenbrunnen Zürich, Barcelona..

So I guess it is all that comes to my mind in terms of the best underground parties and labels in London, at the moment; I might update this article with time. Hence, keep an eye here if you love underground music and you are planning to visit the British Capital soon!

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