When you travel a lot, especially to places you don’t know, it’s important to keep some guidelines that help you travel safely and make the most of your destination.

Let’s see some travel tips brought to you by @wordintravel

  • Do Online research!

Before you go anywhere, do some research online. 

Check which are the best neighbourhoods according to safety, price and quality of life. Check the transport logistics in the city. Make a mini itinerary of the places you absolutely must visit.

  • If you travel at night, buy a night in a hotel.

Travelling at night can be stressful and very tiring. If you happen to arrive at your destination during the night, we recommend that you purchase the first night at the hotel and then check out solutions such as Airbnb the following day.

  • Once on the place, speak with locals.

No one better than the locals know the most hidden secrets of the various locations, especially the less touristy ones. Many times local people can suggest you better than the internet or any guidebook.

  • Join Online Communities. 

If you plan on staying in one place for months, consider joining local communities. Popular destinations often have strong communities that you can join on Facebook or Meetup App.

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