As a travel enthusiast, one of my main concerns has always been: 

“How can I travel while paying for all my expenses?!” 🤔

So with time, I understood that mostly there are two types of travellers:

  • The full-stack nomads. Those who never stop working while travelling. They pass from one place to another, always finding the right balance between explorations and work. They are often freelancers or digital entrepreneurs, habitually moving alone.
  • The Remote Workers. They are often employees of a company that allow them to work from anywhere. Nowadays, a high-growing trend. They usually love to travel but still have to respect timetables, so they prefer to make longer trips to each new location. 

Another type of traveller who is often able to generate income by travelling abroad is the investor. Lately, investing in cryptocurrencies is probably the most profitable among the different markets. It is common to come across people who decide to invest in this market to generate constant income.

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Whatever your aspiration, today there are several possibilities to earn while travelling and not necessarily by having a travel blog.

By the way, we will explore also that topic, soon more info!



“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

~ Saint Augustine


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