While travelling, you change your perspective about things.

What scares you or get you stuck suddenly disappear, and you can touch freedom with the palm of your hand.

In this post, I would like to share three stereotypes regarding travel, which I understood to be such, only after many adventures around the globe.


#1: Travelling doesn’t have to be always expensive. 

When we face the desire to take a plane to an exotic destination, the first obstacle is almost always the economic one. Yes, Intercontinental flights undoubtedly are expensive, but you have to consider planning them months in advance, choosing conventional routes and purchase them on optimal websites and search engines.


#2: To be a Digital Nomad, you have to adapt!

I know that the first picture coming to your mind while listening to the word digital nomad is a young guy working on his laptop from a beach.

But yes; Believe me or not, this lifestyle is not always about tropical mansions and surfing by the coast.

Many times you have to adapt to work from uncomfortable places and sleep in remote locations.


#3: The World is not an unsafe place!

Deciding to avoid travelling because it is dangerous is like never taking a plane due to the risk of it crashing. 

We always fear the unknown until we get close to it. Trying to avoid it is not the solution.


I’ll share more lessons I learned while travelling in this section of the blog.

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey”

~ Babs Hoffman


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