Selina – Read about the hotel chain for digital nomads, which is changing the world of hospitality.

Embrace an idyllic island getaway at our new beachfront spot in Rawai, Phuket

This is how starts an email just jumped into my inbox. It’s the Selina’s newsletter that informs me they have just opened a new location in Thailand.

Not a big surprise, those familiar with the brand know perfectly well the exponential growth it has had in recent years.

Just sensational! 

Selina now counts over 145+ destinations around the globe and counting. It all started in 2014 when two Israeli businessmen co-founded the brand.

On the growing wave of digital nomadism, Rafael Museri and his business partner Daniel Rudasevski started launching spaces that were so much more than just hostels for young people.  

They were living in Pedasi-Panama, running different real estate projects, when the idea of embracing the nomadism lifestyle by creating a perfect space for remote workers comes to their minds.

Not just accommodation facilities, as their website states, the concept of Selina goes far beyond that.

When you enter Selina, you know you will find recreational activities, delicious food and a community of like-minded people.

From the middle of the jungle, from a deserted beach or in the heart of a city you can be sure to find the characteristic components of Selina. Beautiful and eco-sustainable design, coworking spaces, fast Wi-Fi and amazing atmosphere.

So you thought you would spend a few days alone on the Panamanian coast, and you find yourself surfing high waves, working from under a palm tree and spending the nights dancing by the pool.

And that’s how it happens to share an egg and avocado brunch with an Israeli guy who runs an online store, a California yoga teacher and a London-based digital entrepreneur. 

Selina was conceived precisely by embracing the increasingly common lifestyle of the so-called digital nomads, all those remote workers; who only need a Wi-Fi connection and a computer to work.

In 2015 the business-pair opened the first Selina in Pedasi (a small village in Panama) that then has been relocated to Playa Venao

The growth trajectory from then on was an impressive surge. In 2018 the brand announced having raised $95 million in funding from the group that owns WeWork. Then in 2021, the hospitality brand went public via a $1.2 billions deal.  

In recent years, the hospitality chain opened up in multiple locations throughout the USA and Europe.

Read about my trip to Panamà 👉 HERE

What a journey they had!
All this by having a deep social and environmental impact in every location they inaugurate. From meditation classes to business workshops and language exchanges, Selina offers a variety of cultural activities.

At Selina, you can choose between standard beds in a shared dorm for $10 a night or even a private room for $40 a night. They also recently launched the Selina CoLive Program, a monthly CoLiving program starting at just $450 per month. You must stay for a period of 30 nights, changing up to 3 Selina locations around the world.

I know, it feels like the remote workers’ heaven; and that’s what it is!

For us Digital Nomads, Selina it feels like home; a safe harbor where you know you can find all you need and much more, to enjoy a wonderful and safe stay in any unknown country around the world.

Have you ever stayed in Selina? Tell me your experience!

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