Sayulita – Read about one of the most fascinating pueblos on the coast of Nayarit, Mexico.

Upon arrival, I instantly noticed the atmosphere here was special!

Sayulita it’s a little village of about 400 inhabitants located on the coast of Nayarit, about 4 hours from Guadalajara.

The first foreigners to discover this magical place were surfers in the late 1990s. From there on, Sayulita has been constantly developing while conserving its magical charm. 

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The center of the small village perfectly expresses its inner vibe; A kind of hippie chic soul. 

You can find all kinds of collectables, numerous shops selling all types of typical clothes and infinite tacos and street food places.

The music constantly sounds between Sayulita’s street. From the little road that connects the square to the beach to the front beach bars.

I arrived late Friday afternoon. I did not have any particular plan, nor did I check anything before my trip. Not that this represents big news. I have never been a good organizer.

Once the bus stopped at the terminal, I had just completed my hostel reservation. 

I would have stopped for 3/4 days, I thought. 

So I opted for the Viajero hostel; it seemed the most attractive and, comparing prices, the best quality/value.

Taking off my luggage from the bus storage, I checked the distance to the hotel on the Google Maps App. 

It said only 10 min. 

I would walk. A nice walk after 4hrs bus trip does not seem bad…first wrong decision!

Sayulita is a joint of cobbled streets that go up and down constantly. Nothing pleasant with heavy suitcases and 32 degrees in the sun.

To my deepest happiness, Viajero Hostel is also located high on a vertiginous slope, and its conformation extends upwards with the facilities located on the top floor terrace.

Yes, I am being sarcastic! 😅

But I must admit that all the effort would eventually pay off.

The first impression of the hostel is astounding. Very kind and attentive staff. Spacious and clean rooms, all with air conditioning. Plus a fresh and modern design. 

The first night I missed the best space this place offers; The restaurant, bar and swimming pool located on the roof. I would have noticed this gem only the following day. 

That night, I decided to visit the Pueblo by going out for dinner; I opted for seaside pasta at Trattoria Toscana. Perhaps enticed by live music and red wine.

The pasta wasn’t bad at all. But only later would I learn that the best Italian restaurant in the village was another one. 

I will tell you about that later on in this article.

The rest of the night was quite crazy. I planned to pass it quietly, but hand up in YamBak Disco Bar with some locals and an Argentinian dancing to house music beats till 2 am.

Who would have thought…

That same night, I met some guys from my own hostel, and we planned to spend the next days together. 

We enjoyed most of the Saturday chilling at the pool. Then we shared a typical taco dinner at El Itacate Steak Tacos. It was a lovely day!

The following day, we travelled to San Pancho to watch the sunset. Apparently was something not to be missed.

As you can see from this pic, yes it was! 


San Francisco or San Pancho is a small local village 10 minutes by bus from Sayulita. It unleashes all its magic in the hours of sunset. Hundreds of people gather on the shore to greet the sun while the surfers ride the last waves under a fiery red sun.

What magic!

After the intense weekend, the week at Hostel Viajero passed quietly between morning Yoga sessions, some work in the co-work, uncountable tacos and many breaks at the pool.

Also, to note, we had a really tasty fish lunch at El Pescador and an extraordinary Italian dinner at Marcolino, the restaurant elected by my Napolitan friend as the best in Sayulita, and I can only agree with him.

Hence, my initial intention was to leave on Tuesday. Therefore, given the pleasant atmosphere, the fun company, and the perfect set-up of the coworking space that allowed me to work efficiently, I decided to stay another week.

Furthermore, the following Saturday, it would have been the Pool Party. I couldn’t leave earlier!

On the day of the party, all the hostel’s staff was busy with the preparations. So with an Australian friend, we decided to go and visit a beach 20 minutes by car from Sayulita. Playa Careyeros, is located next to Punta Mita, an area that has become famous for its luxurious hotels and resorts. But fortunately, Careyeros, located just before, is a bay that is still little affected by the large tourist complexes. Here the water is crystal clear, the sand is white, and the tide is calm (a rare thing on the Pacific coast).

We spent a beautiful and relaxing day by the sea. Around 6 pm, we went back to the hostel for the party, not before stopping on the street to eat some fabulous grilled chicken.

And then there we are… Sweating even in the pool, with more people than water. 😂

No, just kidding! 

Apart from the jokes, it was a good party, great fun!

So between one dance and another, my experience in Sayulita also ended; This Pueblo Magico gave me two fantastic weeks of fun and wonderful moments. The next day we would all be gone somewhere. Who in Guadalajara and who like me in Puerto Vallarta, but who knows, this could be the beginning of a new story.

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