Isla Palma is a real gem. Located in the archipelago of San Bernardo, it represents one of the 10 islands present in the Gulf of Morrosquillo in the middle of the Caribbean sea.

Here a nice video 👉 Sunset in Rincón

To reach the island you can arrive by boat from Cartagena (about 2.30 hours) or faster from Rincon Del Mar (about 20 min); we opted for the last one, and we spent the first three nights in Rincon del mar at the beautiful Hotel Dos Aguas.

Our holiday for the Colombian Holy Week Bridge began at this incredible spot. Hotel Dos Aguas, it’s a wonderful hotel that offers fully equipped loft rooms in Rincon Del Mar, San Onofre. Fully ecological hotel boasting an incredible water filtration and purification system in a place where this is by no means guaranteed. 

dos aguas hotel

They treated us fabulously, and we loved the concept of eco-sustainability that drives the whole project.

Their mission of reducing the footprint of tourism on the environment and the local community while increasing the benefit for hosts is commendable.

Rincon Del Mar is a beautiful typical “costeño” place yet not too overwhelmed by tourism.

Long white beaches, tasty fish and great Coco Locos – A typical cocktail of the Colombian Coast.

We spent our days in Rincon practising kayak, visiting the Mangroves and dancing cumbia at sunset by the beach.

After spending three lovely nights on the San Onofre shoreline, we prepare ourselves to head towards Isla Palma.

Early risers, we savour a delicious breakfast of exotic fruit and arepa on cheese; we prepare the bag and climb on the “Lancia” the boat that takes us to the island. 

The sea is still flat, and the sun is already shining brightly.

Halfway through the journey, we pass the so-called “Isla de Los Pajaros” (Island of the seagulls) as it is inhabited only by the latter.

After about 20 minutes of sailing at full-engine, we finally arrive at this paradise lost in Colombian Caribbean waters.

A strip of beach with an area of ​​213.3 km², populated only by two hotels, the Hotel Isla Palma, and the Mistica Hostel.

palma island

Hotel Isla Palma owns 90% of the island, and its extension goes from one extreme to the other; While the Hostel owns a small piece of land on the opposite side of the island. Upon arrival, the staff kindly welcomes us and invites us to register for check-in. After carried out the different formalities, we arm ourselves with goggles and snorkel to immerse ourselves in that crystal-clear water.

We spent the whole first day soaking in that beautiful sea. After a volleyball game on the beach, around 6 we moved to watch the sunset in the pool area. There, too, the show is breathtaking. A swimming pool immersed in the sea with a full-stocked bar ready to offer us the apéritif.

During the evening, we enjoyed a delicious fish-based dinner accompanied by a delicate white wine.
Already at the moment of the dessert, the show begins with the dancers of Cumbia who dance smiling between the tables inviting guests to attend the after-dinner show.

We certainly couldn’t miss it!

So we headed to the dock, where the stage had been decorated for the party. We spent an enchanting night under a starry sky between dances and smiles typical of this land.

Around 11, tired and sun-baked, we fell asleep in a deep sleep.

The next day (the second and sadly last), we took a tour with a hotel guide. Yes, because the whole area is a protected area, there are flamingos, monkeys, snakes, ferrets, turtles and more… most of the animals are rescued from the illegal trade and rehabilitated.

islaAfter the tour, pleasantly surprised but very hot, we launched into the sea; crossing the island once again but this time in a canoe.
All wonderful!

Towards the late afternoon, our boat returns to pick us up, and so we have to say goodbye to this magnificent island.
It was certainly an experience to remember, and I suggest to everyone who can, to go visiting this splendid place.

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