The Mexican metropolis between green parks, large squares and cute neighborhoods.

Article Breakdown – What we will cover:

  • The best neighborhoods in Mexico City.
  • Activities & Attractions.
  • Restaurants & Coffee Bars.
  • Nightlife.

CDMX is an incredibly vibrant city. The capital is called home to more than 8 million people, mostly Mexicans. But in the last decades, there has been a sharp increase in foreign ex-pats who have chosen to live here, attracted by the growing economy and the infinite energy that the city emanates.

CDMX extends over 1485km2 making it the city with the highest population density in Mexico. It can boast the largest park in all of Latin America (The Chapultepec Forest); It has more than 150 museums, and maybe it seems strange to you but, it is one of the richest cities on the planet.

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Here there are many fascinating attractions from the typical Centro Historico to the nightlife districts such as Reforma and Condesa.

The best neighborhoods in Mexico City:

The city centre is a neighbourhood not to be missed, but you have to be prepared for the constant amount of people flocking to its streets. From one market to another it’s easy to get lost. With sellers looking to sell all kinds of items with unmissable offers. Centro Histórico host some of the most famous attractions of the city, like Palacio de Bellas Artes, Zocalo square, and Museo del Templo Mayor.

The central location of the neighbourhood makes it easy to reach, but as mentioned it is certainly the best and louder area of ​​the city.

historic center cdmx

Condesa. In my last stay in CDMX, I spent one month in a friend’s apartment in the Escandon neighbourhood, next to Condesa. I loved that location!

Escandon, it’s more of a local barrio you can find many typical restaurants, food markets and the majority of people living there are Mexicans. While on the other side, separated from Benjamin Franklin road, there is the Condesa district, one of the most popular areas of the capital. Elegant streets, nice architecture, tasty restaurants and proximity to the Bosque Chapultepec make it one of the hottest neighbourhoods in the city.

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Roma. La Roma is a chic residential neighborhood, located near the center and includes Roma Norte, which covers the outline of the initial subdivision, and Roma Sur, created later. Its bohemian style and its quietness make it one of the best residential neighborhoods in the capital.

Zona Rosa. Located within Colonia Juárez, which belongs to the Cuauhtémoc Delegation of Mexico City, in the so-called Paseo de la Reforma. In this ares you can find many restaurants, hotels and bars. The neighborhood is famous for its lively nightlife with countless disco bars open till late night.

Reforma Cdmx

A list of some activities to do in Mexico City:

  • Sunday Picnik at Bosque Chapultepec. Bosque Chapultepec is a huge urban park located in Miguel Hidalgo. On Sundays in particular, the atmosphere is wonderful with multiple food and craft markets set up inside.
cdmx mexico city
  • Visit Xochimilco. Take a boat ride on the famous canals of Xochimilco, the last remnants of the extensive transport system created by the Aztecs.

Let’s move on to food, tea and coffee! 😋

Here are some of the restaurants and bars that I recommend in CDMX:
  • Pizza Nosferatu. If you are a pizza lover this is a place you must try. It is a small space with few seats but their pizzas are absolutely fantastic.
Pizza cdmx
  • La Pescaderia. If you like fish and are looking for a more sparkling atmosphere for dinner, you will like this place. It is located in different districts in the city and is very popular especially on weekends where you can find DJs playing music until late in the evening.
  • Merkava. This restaurant located in Hipódromo district, offers a tasty Israeli cuisine. Recommended dish? The lamb!
  • Blend Station Café. One of the best Cafes chain in the city. Great coffee and atmosphere if you are looking to spend the day working on your laptop.
blend station coffee

What about nightlife?

Nightlife is probably one of the reasons why you visit the city. Without a doubt, the capital has one of the best nightlife scenes in all of Mexico. So, let’s see some of the most recommended nightclubs and disco bars.

  • Cafe de Nadie. Amazing Vinyl Bar in Roma Norte. It is a great place to have some drinks before going clubbing. Top music and cocktails are assured.
cage de nadie cdmx
  • Departamento. Club located in the heart of the Roma neighborhood focused on electronic and live music. It has multiples rooms and a big terrace.
  • Funk Club. Probably the best electronic music club in the city. The majority of international Djs who came to Mexico played a gig here. If you like electronic music this is a must!
Funk Club CDMX
  • Capricho Club. Tremendous underground club that offers top-level shows of the most talented Djs in the electronic music scene.

And here ends my personal guide about CDMX, the splendid and vibrant Mexican capital. Unfortunately in a month or so, I have not been able to experience everything the city has to offer; in the future I would like to come back and spend more time to visit its many places. And who knows maybe add more tips and recommendations to this article.

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