During my nomadic life, I have experienced low-spirited moments. When you often change countries for living the digital nomad lifestyle, it can happen to lose your life’s compass.​

That happened to me in London. ​

I went to live in the UK after taking my degree in economics. I had so many work expectations and I was intentioned to live the proper business “career” in the capital. But soon, once installed I came across a very high cost of living in a city that in some ways doesn’t give you an easy life.​

London is huge, moving around is always a journey between means of transport of all kinds. It is an ultra cosmopolitan city where you meet people of all kinds but sometimes it is easy to feel alone. In my London experience, I went through a difficult time because my expectations were higher than what reality would have been. But that period helped me a lot to find a balance in myself. ​

Now I am more conscientious and experience the journey of life from a different perspective. I have fundamentals that help me keep my balance when the mood is not the best. I try to live without necessarily expecting an exact output from actions and situations. ​

I prefer to be positively surprised than disappointed. I will share the three fundamentals that assist me in maintaining order in my life when chaos strikes.✌

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