I was walking along the beach wondering: why am I doing this?

Why did I leave every comfort, friends and family to find myself now alone and thoughtful on a beach in the Mexican Pacific?!

I think the answer lies in the “Research”. 

Research of new things. Research of the unexpected. Research of my inner self.

I was keeping on walking once the rain started. 

After about three minutes, it was pouring down heavily.

I did not stop. To think and walk.

What drives us to leave the known for the unknown? When do we truly realize that we are in the right place?

These questions continued to cloud my mind.

I had lived several lives, perhaps I should have chosen one; maybe one was mine?

Without even realizing it, I reached the end of the beach, and the rain stopped.

The shy sun, obscured by clouds, made its way behind the hill.

So for a second, illuminated by its rays, I thought about these words:

“A restless soul will not stop chasing happiness until he understands that he can only find it within himself”.

After all, I was in peace.

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