Do you want to reach Playa Venao from Panama City? – That’s how! – Read about all ways of transport.

Playa Venao it’s a hidden gem on the pacific Coast of Panama.

Completely immersed in the wild nature, this beach isn’t super easy to reach from the capital; so in this article, we will list the common way to travel there.

Here is the list:

  • Private Car.
  • Public Bus.
  • Small Van Service.
  • Taxi

Private Car.

Renting a car will cost around 30$ a day. The journey from Panam City to Playa Venao will last approximately 5hrs. See the map below.

Public Bus:

You need to go to the Albrook Bus Terminal and take a bus to Las Tablas, the bus operates from 6 am to 4 pm. Then from Las Tablas there is a bus that goes directly to Playa Venao that leaves around 1:00 pm.


The Van Service travel every day except Saturdays from Selina & Loco Coco Loco Hostel in Panama City to Playa Venao the cost is around 50$ and it will take approximately 6 hours to get there.

Book the Van Service with Panama Heavens

Another option would be getting there via taxi. Generally is advisable to first get to Pedasi by public transport and get a taxi from there to Playa Venao for about 30$ alternatively you could also get a taxi that is willing to take you from Panama City.

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