The Mexican city is attracting more and more international artists in a series of must-see events.

The second-largest Mexican city is becoming a significant exponent in the electronic underground music landscape. In the last year, the likes of Sonja Monear, Traumer, Evan Bags, Janeret and many others have made dance the community of the state of Jalisco.

This musical wave characterized by sub-genres such as minimal, micro-house, deep-techno and acid house is becoming more and more appreciated by the general public. In Guadalajara, much of the credit goes to the collectives The Conscious Club Mx and Beat & Flow which, thanks to the excellent relationships with international promoters and artists, are organizing top-level events in the city.

Dj & Producer Jhon Ugalde founder of The Conscious Club Mx is a strong admirer of the genre and continues to push for this type of music to become more and more loved on Mexican soil.

On the night of Friday 25 February at the Mezcaleria Ajijic the Harmonized event was celebrated with special guest Margaret Dygas, the DJ of the Perlon label from Berlíno.

The next scheduled event will bring to Guadalajara an artist who is considered by many to be one of the leading exponents of the minimal underground scene. The Romanian Raresh will play a DJ-set on Friday 18 March at the C3 rooftop on the occasion of the anniversary of the Beat & Flow collective.
Definitely an event not to be missed for lovers of good music!

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