The world is getting crazier day by day, and sometimes the risk is to have our reality destabilized by it. 

Moreover, being a digital nomad, and often changing the place you live can amplify this lost sensation.

So how can we remain stable when the world around us gets confused?

I personally enable 3 different procedures when I feel my mental balance is being affected. 

  • Good Habits. 

Whenever I feel lost or overwhelmed by the workload and life in general, I take some time to practice some good habits. These for myself include Music, Sport, Meditation, Yoga.

  • Relations. 

Speak with someone you love. Call a friend. Or just trying to engage and be kind to someone. As humans, we are social beings, and we need to cultivate this aspect. Maintaining strong social relationships is a vital part of our lives. 

  • Cultural Contamination.

A lifelong learning mindset is central to happiness. Remaining open to learning from new cultures and diverse subjects allows us to grow as human beings. I often like to watch documentaries, read books or do cultural activities in the city where I am living.

And here we are, these were my 3 macro activities that I put in place once life gets tough. And what are yours?

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