How to take care of all these three aspects has helped me overcome painful moments.

Feed your mind, body and Soul!

There were times in life when I felt stuck. I did not understand where I was going and if the path I was on was the correct one.

That happened first during my university grade.

I chose to study economics and management without being secure about my choice; Also, I opted to start my studies at my home town’s university. Whose revealed to be not a clever solution.
In that period, I remember that it wasn’t so much the weight of the university that made me restless but rather the monotony and the lack of new life scenarios.

So after a little over a year of the course, I tried to participate in all possible bans for study projects abroad.
As a good beach lover, the call of the Canary Islands was intense!
As soon as I changed my habits, country and life’s inputs my mood immediately changed.
Being in a different environment, with a diverse language and culture, awakened an energy in me.
So since then, I sensed that it was vital for me to change my life scenarios. Learn new things, a new language, relate to a new culture or simply having new experiences.

From that moment on, I almost never stopped, in a spasmodic intent to do and know: Reading new books, discovering new countries, listening to podcasts. All these helped to keep my mind open and constantly nurturing it with new knowledge.

mind body and soul
About the body:

I’ve always played sports. I have practiced tennis since I was a child; This allowed me to appreciate the positive effects of keeping fit. But certainly there have been times, especially while traveling, when I have lost the habit of physical exercise. Even over the years working online and spending hours on the computer, the feeling of exhaustion became more and more intense.
For me today, exercising daily is more of a mental necessity than a physical one. Releasing endorphins and increasing serotonin levels change my mood and make me happy. Sport is certainly an important aid in combating moments of low mood or mild depression.

On the soul:
soul yoga

In recent years I have come closer and closer to the care of the spiritual self. I certainly don’t consider myself a Yogi, and I’m probably light years away from becoming one. But I notice and appreciate the positive effects of practices such as Yoga and meditation on my spirit. Everyday life is often frenetic, chaotic, and the level of stress in ourselves increases considerably. Taking care of the spiritual aspect of ourselves is just as important as the mental and physical.



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