Last year, probably also because of the pandemic that just passed, I decided I wanted to undertake more of those activities defined as extreme. So that I could feel alive again!

In this article, I will describe the extreme sports that I have experienced over the past couple of years.

First Adventure: Scuba Diving in Mucura Island.

The sensation of breathing under the water is at first quite frightening but once you get used to it it is absolutely thrilling. I tried scuba-diving for the first time in my life here in Colombia at the Hotel Isla Mucura. An incredible hotel that occupies 80% of Mucura Island, one of the islands of the San Bernardo archipelago in the Colombian Caribbean. We went in a group of 6 participants and two instructors aboard a boat off the island, around 8 am. The crystal clear sea of ​​the Caribbean offers a perfect view to observe the coral reef and the multitudes of fish live in this fantastic habitat. What an amazing experience!

Second Adventure: Paragliding in Jerico

Flying has always been one of the greatest human ambitions. Only after trying paragliding maybe I understood why! Flying between 100 and 2000 feet above the Antioquia mountain in Jerico was incredible. A little scary when you literally jump off the mountain to take flight, but then the view is all to be enjoyed!

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Third Adventure: Canopy at Casa en el Aire.

Overhanging the facade of a mountain in Albejorral, Antioquia, la Casa en El Aire (The house in the air) is a hostel for adrenaline lovers. To access the hostel you can walk a mountainous path for about an hour or choose the Canopy. The latter consists in being suspended and flowing in the air by means of cables that are intertwined from one end to the other of the two mountains.

Fourth Adventure: Climbing at Casa en el Aire.

This was the first attempt to climb. Certainly nothing particularly extreme, but being a first time I felt satisfied. For more professional climbers I recommend going to La Pena, also in Abejorral, a park that offers more than 70 climbing routes.

Fifth Adventure: Bungee Jumping at Casa en el Aire.

One of the main activities of this place. An adrenaline rush for the strong’s heart. Here they call it the “Pendulum” for the undulatory motion that the elastic performs after the first launch.

Sixth Adventure: Rappel in Jardin de Antioquia.

The opposite of climbing, instead of going up you go down. But doing it down a waterfall makes it all that much more special. I did this activity in Jardin, Antioquia, a pueblo 2 hr from Medellin. Absolutely recommended, the view from above of unspoiled nature is incredible, plus the adrenaline rush is remarkable.

I guess these have been all the extreme adventures that I have done in the past couple of years. I’m looking forward to new high-emotional experiences to update this article. See you soon friends!

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