I’m André, a passionate 

Digital Nomad from Italy.

Travelling has always been a 

constant in my life.

Since my parents took me 

with them on their trip to Asia,

Cuba and Egypt, the feeling of 

freedom that only travel 

gives you has never left me.

This blog has always been an 

idea kept secretly in the

drawer, until I decided to use 

it to tell about myself 

through my life journey.

In WordinTravel the journey is 

the frame of the story that 

talks about life, experiences 

and why not even a bit of 

human philosophy.

Welcome to Wordintravel, I 

hope we will know 

each other better very soon!


Meet My Travel Soul

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Wow, that’s the toughest question so far. Each and every place has so many special things about it. I’d say it’s a three way competition between Italy, Colombia, and Thailand. 

I’ve always had an incredible passion for travelling, but I became aware of the digital nomad lifestyle during my first trip to South America in 2017. Then after that, I left my life in LDN to start my Nomad journey.

Being a solo traveler has many strengths, but sometimes you feel lonely, during those moments it is important to get in touch with other nomadic companions in cafés, during social events or attending coworking spaces.

My Travelling Achievements

Dream big, Live big
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As digital nomads, we would like to live constantly on the road, although sometimes it is necessary to stop and calculate the assumption in view of the next destination.

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Things That Will Inspire You to Travel!

I hope these shots can inspire you to discover the world, letting you be surprised by the unknown.

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