The Rosario Islands are a small archipelago made up of about 28 islands. It is part of the island area of ​​the wonderful city of Cartagena de Indias (Bolívar Department) at the same height as the Barú peninsula. Crystal clear waters and a breathtaking natural landscape.

Furthermore, within the archipelago, there is one of the national natural parks of Colombia, created to protect one of the most important coral reefs of the Colombian Caribbean coast.

The archipelago can be reached by boat from Cartagena, in about 1.30hr (Muelle de la Bodeguita) or from the Baru Peninsula, in about 20 minutes.

The cost of the ticket is approximately 30,000 COP, and you buy the ticket directly there at the pier.

Many people rely on the common choice of the tour which includes transport from Cartagena with passage to Baru, and then to the Rosario Islands, with lunch included. All for around 70.000COP.

You must bear in mind that these excursions to Islas del Rosario do not include the tax for the entrance to the Islas del Rosario National Natural Park, and which has a value of 16,500 COP.

Personally, I’m not really a fan of tours, so in my experience when I traveled there (twice), once it was from Cartagena and once from Baru.

My first experience in this wonderful place was in April 2017 at that time I had short hair, less years and it was the first time I was traveling to Colombia.

With my partner at the time we were living in Cartagena, I was there for an exchange with the university and we decided to spend Holy Week in the Caribbean sea.
Between the different islands we decided to stay in Isla Grande. The largest and most inhabited of the various islands, which we would then visit with a day’s boat ride.
Already from the arrival we were electrified.
The practically uncontaminated nature and the peace that you breathed were immediately palpable. Something completely different from Baru and the other crowded beaches of the Cartagena coast.
Motor vehicles are prohibited on the island, there is no fresh water in most places and electricity is also limited.
Arrived we are greeted by a local family, Father and son who greet us by offering us some of the corals handcrafted bracelets and necklaces created by them. We thank and ask for more information on a place to sleep at night. They offer to accompany us.

Our place was humble but nice. The family who ran it were lovely and welcomed us with enthusiasm.

Once we had our things sorted, we went to the beach to savor the Caribbean sea and work on our tan.

What a wonderful sight, white sand and a diamond blue sea.

Between a dip, a walk on the beach and a few beers in the sun, a guy proposes to eat some freshly caught lobster, and we couldn’t refuse.

What a great lunch! 😋

As the afternoon goes on, the sky changes its colors and the sun greets us on the horizon. Needless to say, the view from here is breathtaking.

After an amazing sunset we went back to the hotel to take a shower and then in the evening the guy who had found the accommodation wanted to show us the main entertainment they had on the island, the cockfight.

I have to say one of the worst visions of my life. Roosters urged to fight to the death, with blood everywhere and the public cheering and betting.

Impressed but quite shaken we then go to sleep.
The next morning we are ready for an excursion in the lagoons.

The enchanted lagoon sorrounds all the island. It has phosphorescent phytoplankton that glows when you swim at night. We took a full boat excursion through the different canals that cross the island. Then follow a walk among the “Pueblos” who live in the villages of the neighboring islands.
On the evening of the same day, taken by the curiosity for the luminous algae, we returned for a swim in the lagoon. The show is truly unique. The algae in the lagoon produce a luminescence that illuminates your movements while swimming, producing a spectacle in the water. Highly recommended!

Our short vacation on the island would end the following day when we returned to Cartagena. The Rosario’s still remains one of my beautiful Colombians’ memories. Regarding sea and beaches among the top of the country and if you like to live a little “wild” you will surely love it.

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