The 18 places to visit in the capital of Antioquia.

Are you wondering about what to see in Medellin?

This guide will take you to 18 places to visit in the city.

Here we go…

Medellin is affectionately called: “Cuidad de la Eterna Primavera” – The City of eternal spring.”

It is the lovely people, the climate, the art, the wonderful landscapes and above all its nature that make you fall madly in love with this place.

So, let’s go there to discover with your own eyes how magnificent Medallo is, through this guide of the 18 places that you should visit in the Antioquia Capital.

Here we will tell you, where to go, what to do and how to get there. So, just get ready to enjoy your stay to the fullest!

A tip we want to give you is: Talk to the locals and try to connect as much as possible with Colombian people!

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Little Guide to Medellin.

Where to go in Medellin:

  • Plaza Botero y Museo de Antioquia
  • Graffiti-Tour a la Comuna 13
  • Party in Laureles
  • Get to know El poblado
  • Parque Lleras
  • Barrio Escobar
  • Pueblito Paisa en el Cerro Nutibara
  • Open Air workout at Cerro de las Tres Cruces

Parks and green areas:

Other museums:

General Recommendations:

  • Where to buy Cívica card.
  • Reccomandations.


So, the first things you should do when stepping on the “Antioqueño” ground are:


1. Walking and posing in Botero Square

Did you know that to build this kind of open museum, a block of buildings in the centre of Medellin had to collapse?

Of course, you didn’t…

Imagine that’s all true, there was an attack on the architectural heritage. 

Let’s do 15 sec. of silence… 🤫

Well, let’s continue, the square was inaugurated in 2001 with the exhibition of 23 bronze sculptures, which were donated to the Museum of Antioquia by the renowned artist Fernando Botero, when the museum was going through an economic crisis.

It is located north of the city in the middle of the shopping area, so it is quite crowded by locals, people who sell souvenirs representative of the city, among other things; and also visitors from all over the world who enjoy posing next to these gigantic, curious and beautiful figures.

How to get to Plaza Botero by metro?

From any Medellín metro station, arrive at Parque Berrio station. Once there, on 511th Street, you walk towards Palacio de la Cultura Rafael Uribe, the checkered painted building. Right there you start to see the shapes of the fat statues.

You can also hire a Taxi, Uber, inDriver or Didi from any place. The price of the journey from Laureles is approximately 13,000 COP which would be equivalent to about 3. 79 USD or from El Poblado it would be 15,000 COP, about 4.14 USD.

We clarify that theses prices may vary depending on the company and obviously the distance.

2. Visit the Museum of Antioquia

Plaza Botero - WTThe Museum is just in front of Plaza Botero. With more than 16 rooms it is one of the most important museums in the country. The exhibitions are divided into: permanent, temporary and itinerant.

Crossing it will tire you so much that afterwards you will sit down for a moment and have a drink. Sure, it’s worth it. The current artistic expression is a delight.

Its doors open from 8am to 16:00. The entrance for the general public has a price of 12,000COP, about 3.31 USD. For the population of Medellin of “Estrato” 1,2 and 3 the entrance is free (presenting any receipt of public service is needed), and those under 12 do not pay.

3. Do a Graffiti Tour in The Comuna 13 of Medellín.

You can’t leave Medellin without first visiting the Comuna 13, a marginal neighbourhood that bets on art, dance and culture as an expression of overcoming the violence and stigmatisation that was created around it.

During the tour you will see the graffiti, murals, the dance group of the community, cafes, restaurants and a spectacular landscape of Medellín that will leave you speechless.

The view at night is magical!

Comuna 13_Med

How to get to comuna 13, to do Graffiti Tour?

To come to the famous Comuna 13, from the east of the Metro you must reach the Station of San Javier. In order to get to San Javier Station, first you need to pass by San Antonio Station. Once there, you climb the stairs in the direction of line B to get to San Javier Station.

If you come for the first time, it is better if you come with a local guide, because walking this mountain does not make sense without someone telling you its story. In both cases, you can take advantage of one of the many Guide Books provided during the passage.

Then, to get from the Station to the escalators, you must take a taxi (the ride is worth 7,000) or bus to the route 221I or 225I, which passes right there at the traffic light stop. Remember to tell the driver where you’re going so he knows when to get you off. Both transports will leave you two blocks from the escalators. 

4. Eat and enjoy a dance in La 70, Barrio Laureles.

Although, Poblado is the best known area for “Rumbear” (Partying), we really like the Carrera 70, maybe because of the local atmosphere, not so touristic, and also for its wide and green streets.

At “La 70” as it is also known, you will enjoy a night with Latin flavour. It is full of places to eat, dance and have a good time with friends any day of the week to the rhythm of Salsa, Reguetón, Vallenato and even Ranchera with some good beers, rum or “Guaro” the typical Aguardiente Antioqueño.

Mondongos’s is a great restaurant located in La 70, while near the First Laureles Park you can find many nice cafes.

In this article I deepen the subject 👉 Best Cafes in Medellin

Near the Second Park you will see more restaurants and night bars.

How to go to Laureles (“La 70”) by metro?

First you have to get to San Antonio Station, from there go up the steps of line B, then take the metro to the Stadium. From there walk on the right for about 10 minutes to the Mondongos restaurant and you will find restaurants, bars, hotels, markets and discos.

5. Stroll through El Poblado.

This is one of the most exclusive areas in the city, it receives this name because Medellin was founded in what is now the Parque El Poblado in front of the central church.

This is the most international area of the city and every day attracts massive waves of tourists.

There are many hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, art galleries, shops and parks so put on a pair of comfortable shoes and go there for a walk.


How to get to the El Poblado by Metro?

From any station you have to get to the Poblado Station, from there you walk 13 minutes to the Poblado park. Otherwise you can always opt for an Uber, Taxi or Didi.

6. Get to know Lleras Park

Dudi Poblado

This is the pink area of ​​Poblado. Around the park there are many bars, discos, restaurants, hotels, where you can go dancing, from reguetón to techno. Furthermore, the landscape during the day is spectacular.

You can find handicrafts on the street and enjoy the area of Provenza with all its great vibes.

7. Take a walk around the Pablo Escobar neighbourhood. 

Although its official name is Medellín Sin Tugurios, the inhabitants of the neighbourhood call it like this in honour of the “Patron”. Since it was Pablo Escobar who built around 250 houses and donated them to homeless families.

The tram goes through this sector, so it’s a perfect plan to get the experience of getting on this public transport, where, at the same time, you can see the open-air art gallery; Turning this walk into a tourist attraction.

How to get to Barrio Escobar by metro?

The truth is that there is no easy route to get there by metro, so we recommend you to arrive by tram and then take a taxi.

8. Watch Medellin from the Pueblito Paisa on Cerro Nutibara

This is one of the favourite place for both locals and visitors as it represents a beautiful environment, surrounded by lots of nature, fresh air and breathtaking views. We have to admit it’s also one of our favourite sites.

The main attraction here is, the Pueblito Paisa, which is a representation of a traditional village of the old Antioquia. The entrance is free, you can come to eat a typical dish of the region, visit the Museo Ciudad or simply have a coffee. If you have one, grab your drone and come to see Olaya Herrera Airport or watch the sunset from 80 meters above the city level. 

How to get to the Pueblito Paisa by metro?

Pueblito Paisa - wtTake the subway and get off at the Exhibitions station, walk for 10 minutes heading west along 33rd Avenue, up to Highway 63b. No worries, then you will see the notice of the divert to Cerro Nutibara.

If you like to walk, the climb is not very demanding but usually crowded with people who love to practice outdoor sports. Otherwise you can take a taxi from anywhere in the city that takes you directly to the top.

9. Do some physical activity in the Cerro de las 3 cruces.

One of our ideal plans. Yes, not everything is “Rumba”; we must have a life balance among our passions!

A hike is perfect for sweating the raw and feel like new.

At the top, there is an outdoor gym and a must-see view.

How to go to Cerro de las 3 Cruces.?

You might take a taxi, Uber, Didi or Picap to where the mountain begins.

Parks and green areas

10. Stroll through the Plaza de Cisneros or Parque de Las Luces.

It was named Plaza Cisneros in honour of the engineer of the Antioquia Railway Francisco Javier Cisneros and subsequently Parque de Las Luces by the citizens. Here you will know, everyday expressions of the Medellin lifestyle: street gambling, handmade objects, portraits and street entertainment.

It is located between the commercial zone of Medellín, the government of Antioquia, the EPM Library (Empresa de Servicios Públicos de Medellín and the Railway Station. 

The park, in the early 1930s, was neither more nor less than the epicentre of social and political events.

Nowadays, during the day, this place vibrates with people. While, at night, the lights come on giving magic and brightness to the Square.

Parque Arvi By Metrocable.jpg

How to get to the Park of Lights by metro?

You get off at the Alpujarra Stación, then you walk about 2 blocks and you find it in front. Take into consideration that it is about a 20-minute walk from the museum of Antioquia.

11. Relax in the Park of the Barefoot

The Theme Park was a project of EPM in 1998 sitting under the Zen philosophy, it is based on the element, water, earth and air. With an oriental architectural style.

It is a completely free public place, with guided tours. If you want to give the guide a tip it is optional. 

It has XVIII activities inspired by the elements, here I leave them to you so that no one is passed.

|- Puerta urbana.

Giant blocks that look like waterfalls. This space is ideal for resting while listening to the sound of water.

||- Chorritos.

Holes in the floor that expel water, a delight for the little ones.

|||- Pozo de los sonidos.

Here the feet are immersed and receive a massage from the water pressure.

|V- Espejo de agua.

It is a place of deep rest and relationship, similar to the tranquility of the water.

V- Bosque de guaduas.

This is a labyrinth that you walk through barefoot while feeling the crisp forest air.

V|- Jardín Zen.

It is a path of rocking stones that, walking on them, release stress.

V||- El Laberinto.

The children walk through the labyrinth with their eyes closed barefoot along the sand track.

V|||- Torres de nivel.

The challenge is to walk barefoot or across logs with different levels to develop balance.

How to get to Parque de los Pies Descalzos by Metro?

You have to get off at the Alpujarra station, walk and cross the building of the government of Antioquia, cross two streets, and there you see it.

Other nearby sites are the Water Museum, the Metropolitan Theater and the main square.

12. Have fun at Parque Explora Medellín

It is located in front of the Botanical Garden.

Here science and technology sharpen your sense of curiosity. Visit its 3 rooms so you have an unforgettable and innovative experience.

  • For children from 0 to 6 years old.
  • The 3D projection room.
  • The open room.

In addition, there is the largest freshwater aquarium in South America. Opening hours during the pandemic are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the box office closes at 3:30 p.m. Because of the current Covid situation, this schedule can change so, I recommend you check their page before going.

Children pay the entrance ticket from the age of 3 onwards. The general ballot is worth 20,000 COP and for a family group of 4 people 68,000 COP.

You can also save time and reduce contact by purchasing the ticket on their website.

13. Arví Park.

This is an Ecotourism Park of 16,000 hectares in the middle of a forest, located in the municipality of Guarne and Santa Elena about 50 minutes from Medellin, perfect for activities in nature.

It is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 to 19:00. During public holidays, on Mondays, they open at their usual time and remain close on Tuesdays. You can come and have a tour at no cost, or if you want you can pay a trained guide who will teach you around all the environmental richness of the place.

These are the guided tours they offer

  • La Flora Trail.
  • Bird watching.
  • Camino de la Cuesta Trail.
  • Myths and Legend Trail.
  • Arví by Bike.
  • Trail Orchids, Anturios and Bromeliads on stage.
  • Porton del Guayabo Trail.

Also within the park is Comfama Park and Comfenalco, two recreational centres where you can do various activities.

Every month arví park makes a monthly agenda with different activities so that you can recharge with energy, learn and have fun.

How to get to Parque Arví by Metro?

You must get to acevedo station, then take the metrocable of “K-line” to the last station Santo Domingo, there you get off and transfer to line L to arví station, the latter has a price of 12,050 each way.

Parque Arvi By Metrocable

How to get to Parque Arví by bus?

To go by bus you must go to Cra. 42 with Calle 50. There you take the bus of the company Trasancoop that takes you directly to the park for a price of 2.800 each ticket.

Other museums:

14. Get to know the Living Museum: Botanical Garden of Medellín Joaquín Antonio Uribe

Look at how many places are available to have fun during the day in the city. It could be said, that the streets of Medellin are a living botanical garden itself; In fact, in the heart of the city, it can be found a wonderful urban ecosystem of 13.2 hectares.

Look at this fact, botanical gardens are recognized as museums all over the world, mind-boggling, don’t you think?

Here you will not only know the different native species of different habitats but also, the fauna such as birds, turtles, fish, ducks, reptiles and insects. It is also a research centre, which will be responsible for carrying out conservation projects in and out of place.

It opens its doors to the public from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Their free guided tours are on Tuesdays at 11, Thursdays at 14:00 and Saturdays at 11 and 14:00; the meeting point is Grandfather’s Tree.

The spaces are:

  • Tropical forest
  • Desert Garden
  • Palm garden
  • Laguna
  • Butterfly
  • Orquideorama
  • Scientific building
  • Library
  • JAUM Herbarium

Parque Botanico - WT

How to get to the Botanical Garden by metro?

You must get off at the University station from there you can see the entrance to the garden; go down the stairs making your way to the entrance, while you watch as the gray columns of the concrete get lost among colors, figures and textures of the graffiti.

15.Marvel at the Medellín Planetarium.

In the facilities of the Explora Park is also the Planetarium of Medellín. A museum in which space science, earth sciences and planets are disseminated. Through digital technology you can interact with life in the universe. You can’t miss this intergalactic journey.

To enter the general bowling alley with show in the dome for seniors, students, adults and children over 2 years has a price of 17,000 and 12,000 with show in the auditorium, the family plan dome group of 4 people 56,000.

Given Covid their schedule changes every week. So check their page a few hours before you go, plus you can also buy the ballot on their website 👉 https://planetariomedellin.org/visita

16. Learn about the Medellín EPM Water Museum

Next to Barefoot Park and in front of the Smart Building you can see the Water Museum building, which was originally called the Interactive Museum. It was created with the aim of making known the center of life, water.

The advantage you have if your stay is short is that, the same day you go to Plaza Botero, you can go to the Museum, as they are nearby, otherwise you can take it easy.

The Water Museum welcomes you in 9 rooms so you can learn more from it. Starting with:

S.1: Evolution of planet earth.

S.2: Water vital resource.

S.3: Ecosystems, units of life (largest of the museum).

S.4: Cultures forged by water.

S.5: Water supply and power generation.

S.6: Transformation of the environment and water resources.

S.7: Rights and distribution of water resources.

S.8: Future of the blue planet.

S.9: Art room.

The entrance has a cost of 6,000 COP, about 2 USD and the tour has a time of 1.30hr.

Admission is free for:

  • Medellín residents living in stratum 1, 2 or 3 presenting an EPM servicing receipt.
  • Children < 5 years old.
  • Adults > 60 years old.
  • The educational institution of stratum 1,2 or 3.
  • The teachers who present the card of the institution.
  • Persons with disabilities.

Don’t forget to check the hours of operation hours before your visit. Well, in a pandemic, the schedules are very varied.

17. Visit the Museum of Modern Art of Medellin

Unmissable is the word that describes this place. If you like art, galleries if you like to be inspired this is the place. Here also because of Covid19, its schedule is variant, so we recommend you check its page before going.
The general income is worth 12,000 COP and people over 60 years of age 9,000 COP. Children < 12 years and students with cards enter gratis.

18. City Museum

Yes, it is the same one that is in the Pueblito Paisa. The temporary exhibitions of photographic arts, architectural among others, reflect the urban development of the city.

Great to understand more about the urban mosaic of the city that widens more and more towards the top of the mountains that revolve around it.

Its open from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 hours.

General Recommendations:

  • Where to buy the Civic card:

The Civic is the rechargeable card of the Medellin Metro, you can buy a temporary one at any metro station.

  • Useful Apps:

Getting around the city is easy if you download and make use of the following applications.

  • Google Maps: it will help you a lot to locate and search for places.
  • Uber: It’s a mobility option.
  • Didi: another mobility alternative.
  • Picap: It is a motorcycle service, fast and ideal when it is rush hour and you need to get fast to your destination.

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