As an Italian, I can say that I am a true lover of good food.

A rumour says that in Italy going to eat at grandma’s is like going to a restaurant, with appetizers, first courses and desserts; so yes, it’s all true, I can confirm! And when I travel, I always keep a good appetite. Therefore, I am often looking for the best restaurants to test the delicacies of cuisine around the world. Here in Medellin, I tried dozens of restaurants with very good and less good experiences.

So in this article, I have decided to list my 7 favourite restaurants divided into Italian Cuisine, Fish Restaurant Meat Restaurant, Pizzeria, Vegan Restaurant, Sushi and Ramen Restaurant.

My Favourite Italian Restaurant in Medellin: Il Castello

Located in Poblado, this is a well-known Italian restaurant with a high reputation in the city. What made me appreciate their cuisine, in particular, is that they make their pasta in an artisanal way, and it’s delicious.

My Favourite Fish Restaurant in Medellin: Pesqueira

I am a true lover of fish and I must say that this typical Colombian Caribbean restaurant always offers top quality fish. All dishes are well-prepared, and the restaurant offers a really pleasant atmosphere with live music on weekends.

My Favourite Meet Restaurant in Medellin: Volver

Argentinians are famous for the meat, and after eating at Volver you will know why. A truly Argentinian place offering the best “Asado” in the city. This cosy place is located in Poblado and provides also an elegant terrace where you can enjoy a romantic dinner.

My Favourite Pizzeria in Medellin: Pane & Pomodoro

I have long searched for a Pizzeria that could be to my liking.
When I was living in Italy, I used to eat pizza once a week and it’s undoubtedly one of my favourite dishes. After long testing, I found what, in my opinion, is one of the best Pizza in Medellin. Located in Manila Pane & Pomodoro offers a true Italian pizza. You can order it in different flavours, from the typical Italian ones (Bufala or Ham and Mushrooms) to the Latino traditional like Hawaiana.

My Favourite Vegan Restaurant in Medellin: INA

If you are following a vegan diet, you will fall in love with INA. Located in the Laureles neighbourhood, INA offers all meals 100% green based. You will be able to enjoy a vegan burger or many different exquisite veggie bowls.

My Favourite Sushi Restaurant in Medellin: Japoneria

Japoneria is one of the few sushi places in town that maintain a traditional sushi preparation. The restaurant is located in Poblado and is decorated with a distinctive and elegant design.

My Favourite Ramen Restaurant in Medellin: Sumo Ramen

If you like Ramen and you want to taste a real traditional one, tryout Sumo Ramen.
A small restaurant located in the corner between Provenza and Calle 10. It offers four types of Ramen dishes: With chicken, With Pig, Mixed or Vegan.

And what about you? What is your favourite restaurant in Medellin?
I hope to receive some great suggestions in the comments!

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