I have always lived in a rather unconventional way. And travel has been a constant in my life. From childhood, when I was travelling with my parents, until after high school when I started travelling abroad on my own.

But I think I only heard about Digital Nomadism after I graduated.
At that time, I had already had exchange experiences with the university and lived and worked in various countries.
I had done an exchange in Spain and then found myself living in Barcelona. I had lived a winter in Berlin and a summer in Ibiza.
To then finish university with an internship in Colombia.

Having returned to Europe and obtained my degree, I decided to go and work in the world of London technology startups where a friend worked.
There, I really got to know the digital world and remote working.
We worked from different coworking spaces around London, like WeWork or similar. I helped with marketing for various projects.

I lived in London for two years. It was not easy. I had many difficult times there, as many of the projects we were working on did not reach the success we hoped for. But for sure, I learned a lot.

Then, in the last six months in London, I decided to set up my own business. So, I registered TDH and left for South America again.

So now I can mention 6 things I wish I knew before starting my digital nomad journey:

1-Travel Slow.

Travelling slowly allows you to better organize your life and work. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to learn more about local customs and immerse yourself deeply in the society.

2-Have a Routine.

Having a routine is essential to maintaining good habits.
This may include activities such as sports, meditation, yoga or simply an early morning walk.

3-Plan ahead.

For how beautiful adventure is, you are a Digital Nomad, not a traveller.
You must work while travelling. So be organized. Make sure to have a good workplace; nope, working from the beach is not so practicable.

4-Get travel insurance.

Health comes always first.
Being covered while travelling in unknown and remote places in the world, is a sweet sensation.
As Digital Nomads insurance, I suggest Safety Wing for its excellent flexibility and prices.

Check these tips on how to become a Digital Nomad

5-Join Digital Nomad communities.

When you travel solo, it’s vital to get friends and even better if they share the same lifestyle.
To get in touch with new people who share the same values, you can join local expat communities through Facebook or MeetUp groups.

6-Define your perfect work-life balance.

Once you reach work freedom, the risk is to pass some days working too much and others being unproductive.
To avoid this, plan your day with breaks from work to do other activities that keep your excitement levels high.

And here it was!
These were some tips I wish I had received before starting this journey.
I hope they can be helpful.
If you want to leave me your opinion about it, do not hesitate to do in the comments.

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