These 10 days in Panamà have come to an end.

I had so much fun in this beautiful Central American country. I had the opportunity to meet amazing local people and visit iconic places.

I spent 3 days in Panama City.

🚶‍♂️Walking through the historic Casco Viejo district.

☕️Tasting some local coffee.

🐟 Fish-based lunch at the Mercado de Mariscos.

Explored the vinyl stores in the San Francisco neighbourhood.

After these days in the city, I visited a friend of mine in Playa Venao. A beautiful beach on the Pacific coast, located 5 hours from the city. This small beach spot is quite well known within the surf community, but is still quite untouched by mass tourism.

Its big waves and wild landscapes make it a perfect place to go surfing. Furthermore, the beach of Venao is characterized by the meeting of black sand and jungle vegetation, which gives life to a unique panorama. I noticed that Panameñan culture it’s highly influenced from one side by the USA and from the other by the Caribbean. The coin is the Balboa whose value is the same as the dollar. Many English words are also used in the local slang. And the cost of living is pretty high compared to other southeast Latin countries. Nevertheless, local people have Caribbean blood.

Apart from their physical features. You can recognize that by the typical Salsa and Reggaeton music taste and by the warm attitude typical of the people of these regions.

  • Where to stay in Playa Venao?

I have personally chosen Nao Venao. But good options are la Chuza en Selina.

  • Accommodation in Panamà:

I suggest you stay at Selina Casco Viejo. This option is really central, the place is amazing, and you will find everything you need nearby.

  • Events in Playa Venao:

Follow @impaktpro to discover the best electronic events in Panamà.

In conclusion, I am really happy to recommend this country which is often underestimated when planning a trip to Latin America.

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